Avisa’s Biomarker Breath Test Detects Tuberculosis in South Africa Pilot Study

A ten minute breath test for rapid screening and detection of active tuberculosis

Santa Fe, NM, December 18, 2015: Avisa Pharma Inc. announced today that it successfully detected active TB in a pilot study in Durban, South Africa. This study included both suspected TB subjects and HIV- AIDS subjects that are often co-infected with TB, and controls. The AV-BreathTestTM detected TB in both cohorts confirmed by GeneXpert and standard TB culture. The AV-BreathTestTM measures the whole lung, in-vivo, does not require sputum, is point-of-care, shows results in less than 10 minutes and can monitor therapy. There are 9.5 million active TB cases worldwide, with at least 1 million infected children who have difficulty producing sputum.
According to David S. Joseph, Avisa’s President and CEO, “This pilot study allows us to plan our pivotal clinical trials in 2017 on multiple continents for regulatory approvals. Early screening triage and detection by our breath test biomarker can substantially reduce the spread of this terrible disease, reduce the need for time consuming, low-sensitivity smear microscopy and identify active TB in those patients with symptoms that have difficulty in producing sputum for culture. Moreover, since the test is less than 10 minutes, monitoring antibiotic therapy is another potential benefit of our technology given the major concern of multi-drug resistance.”


Avisa is a clinical stage company that is developing an exciting, next-generation platform technology that enables the rapid detection of a variety of respiratory pathogens within minutes after the patient inhales its proprietary drug substrate, the AV-U13 biomarker. Avisa licensed its core breath test technology with the University of New Mexico’s Science Technology Center (UNM-STC). The AV-BreathTestTM is a rapid 10-minute test that screens and detects respiratory infections with the speed and sensitivity that can also facilitate the monitoring of antibiotic therapy using a simple breath test. The AVISAR SPECTM laser spectrometer, under development by Avisa, incorporates major design advancements – a point of care, battery powered device that can fit into a backpack for rural health clinics in high burden countries to medical offices and clinics, hospitals, emergency departments, urgent care centers, retail clinics and long term care facilities.

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